Presidential Task Force on Dengue Prevention & Control and Intersectoral Coordination

The Presidential Task Force was appointed by H.E. the President to strengthen multisectoral collaboration and implementation of strategies at the National/Provincial/District levels. The first meeting was convened on 25. 05.2010 chaired by H.E. the President.

Predicting the Dengue outbreak experienced in year 2017 the Presidential Task Force was reinstated in May 2017.

An action plan was prepared by National Dengue Control Unit in collaboration with the Presidential Task Force, with the objective of prevention and control of dengue in identified different localities and to minimize dengue fatality. (LINK to PDF books- in all three languages)

Structure of the Presidential Task Force on Dengue Prevention & Control

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Key Tasks of the Presidential Task Force on Prevention and Control of Dengue Fever

  • To prepare strategic/action plans and programmes to implement effective Integrated Vector Management in collaboration with National Dengue Control Unit.
  • To promote collaboration among other national health agencies and major stakeholders to implement dengue programmes.
  • To address programmatic issues and gaps.
  • To adopt an enabling policy environment in implementing regulatory legislation for effective dengue prevention and control.
  • To develop coordinated actions for sustainable dengue vector management within and outside of the health sector.
  • To increase visibility and sustainability by providing greater opportunities to decision-making on vector control with participation of local communities.
  • Setting up a core task force at Provincial, District and Divisional levels with multidisciplinary expertise.

Roles & Responsibilities of stakeholders

Ministry of Health 
  • Optimum clinical management of Dengue patients 
  • Prevent spread of epidemics 
  • Coordinate with other relevant government & non-government sectors to carry out dengue control /prevention activities

Ministry of Education
  • Maintain all government, private schools, “Piriven”, training colleges, “Vidya Peeta”, free of mosquito breeding
  • Inculcate a behavioural change in school children to keep the environment free of mosquito breeding 
  • Collaborate with respective Medical Officer of Health and staff to maintain schools, surrounding premises free of mosquito breeding 
  • Provide necessary guidance through school children to keep their home environment free of mosquito breeding 
Ministry of Provincial Councils & Local Government
  • Proper solid waste management including disposal of non-biodegradable items.
  • Cleaning of drainage systems and maintaining them properly to prevent water collections 
  • Maintain area of public places without mosquito breeding 
  • Active involvement in dengue control/ prevention activities 
  • Strengthen legal activities
Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Maintain all government & private institutions free of mosquito breeding 
  • Active involvement and mobilizing of district, divisional and village level officers coming under the ministry in dengue control and preventive activities.
Ministry of Defense & Ministry of Law & Order 
  • Maintain all institutions coming under the ministry, free of mosquito breeding 
  • Active involvement of tri forces and police personnel in dengue control and prevention activities
Ministry of Mass Media & Information 
  • Free of charge telecast/ broadcast of advertisements in relation to dengue including clinical features, treatments and prevention & control (Under the technical guidance of the National Dengue Control Unit of Ministry of Health)
Ministry of Disaster Management 
  • Provide support to control and prevent dengue outbreak situations. 
Ministry of Environment 
  • Formulation and implementation of policies for proper disposal of solid waste 
  • Active involvement in dengue control/ prevention activities 

Inter-ministerial collaboration for effective and synchronized activities from multiple disciplines, towards prevention and control of Dengue in Sri Lanka.